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  Mark grew up near Derby, and apart from going to study design and work formatively in Sheffield, he has stayed around the inspiring landscape of the Peak District. The rural settings are a tonic and these are reflected in his work. His rustic themed pictures were not conscious when he started out on animal portraiture. His first animal studies were commissioned.

You can spot Mark's work by its highly detailed finish in pencil and colour pencil. Described as photorealistic expressionism and now featured in a number of magazines, his work is growing in reputation and interest in the UK and abroad.

Mark’s background has shaped his approach. His drawing skills are entirely self-taught and were developed before he had any formal tuition. However, his interest in photography and the influence of his HND in graphic design and illustration have refined his eye for image creation and composition.

Mark's design background has never left him and his widening love for all things skilled and considered. There is an open minded if not intriguingly fastidious way about his work. Mark's love of the designed approach is more than an illustrative way, but it has led him to have a considered approach that is instinctive and part of him. The work runs
  deep in thought before it starts and is about a technical mindfulness. A whole evaluation flows naturally into the work.

Mark is inspired primarily by the humour of animals. He looks for a thought or idea to attach to the animal, the setting is usually to heighten the idea. Floating
hair, seeds or dust to add atmosphere are important extras subtly used. He visualises the idea and its adaptations in his head whilst gathering the source material. The idea might happen immediately or take months of thought.

“Photorealism isn't a simple process when I make it more complicated by not just using my working photography and any brief sketches. I like to trouble over crafting and I can't help but refine, its just my personality. I tinker but don't agonise where possible. The madness comes when a composition could work a few ways, its not a bad thing though to trouble over this!".

Architectural studies came later with Mark's increasing love for how art can be a built structure in decline. "A process of keeping an ever open eye like his animal work is beneficial. I always keep my camera ready for old structures and what could be interesting. I discard many ideas
along the way."

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