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Commissioning your own original work of art

I started my professional artistic career as a portrait artist and have now produced work for clients all over the United Kingdom and beyond.

I am happy taking on most subjects, from animals to people, a doorway to a few views of a house on a bigger scale, a car or the shed it might be kept in! A portrait or even a still life of anything more unusual you can imagine. When it comes to commissions I am a content generalist and enjoy a challenge. Please ask away!

The price of an original picture will be based upon the number of hours required to complete the picture, the level of detail and complexity as well as the size of the picture.

A larger size is advised with more subjects (animals or people), to get the full effect of my detailed style of work.

A background can be plain or an appropriate setting. I can modified a background setting or make one up.

Frequently Asked Questions might help. Please email me for a full quote with an idea of what you would like. Please go to 'Portraits' and 'Architecture' to see examples of my work.

Commissions of anything you would like by Mark Langley Artist. Please enquiry, I would love to know your idea for a bespoke piece of art?

Portrait price structure

Price structure example 30 x 42cm or A3. This size and larger has been a popular size that works well. The size and ratio of portraits vary a lot so I'm happy to work too pretty much any dimensions, I will provide a quote before commencing work.

  White paper background Simple coloured background Detailed setting
A head or
full body portrait
£400 £450 £550
Add a 2nd head or
2nd full subject
£125 £125 £125
Each additional
subject thereafter
£75 £75 £75

Further price examples

24 x 24 cm square £175 - £225   21 x 30 cm or A4 £225 - £300
42 x 60 cm or A2 £1000 - £1750

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you work from photographs
or life?

A. I work from good quality photographs, this gets the most accurate results and avoids the sitter getting bored! It also helps to keep my prices reasonable. I do like to meet the subject if possible, and I really need a selection of sharp photos not just the one you want the portrait to depict. I am quite happy to work from either digital pictures by email or memory stick.

Q. What are they produced in?
A. Most of the examples of my work are drawn in graphite pencil and fine grade colour pencil, this is absolutely the best medium for me to show the fine detail characteristic of my style. However if you want a piece in a different media I am happy to discuss your ideas.

Q. How long does it take?
A. The highly detailed portraits I produce can be time consuming taking an average of 40 hours each, with my larger pictures taking sometimes 150 hours or more. In terms of delivery time I like to allow 3 to 6 weeks
per picture.

Q. Is there a waiting list? How soon can I get a picture?
A. I do have a diary and I have to allow each picture a time slot to be produced and then time to return and refine, Certain times of year, especially September to December, are very busy so if you want your picture to be ready for a specific date then book early! A slot in my diary isn’t secured until I receive your deposit.

Q. Can you do a picture for a special occasion or as a surprise?
A. Yes, a lot of my work is commissioned as a present but please give me details so that I can help you keep the secret and ensure timely delivery. I am also hoping to offer gift vouchers soon.

Q. What if I want more than one subject in the same picture?
A. This is no problem, I can put two or more animals, people or a mixture of the two on one picture. You don’t even need to have a photograph of them together I can work from separate photos.

Q. When do you need the photos?
A. I don’t need the photos immediately when you book, if you choose to supply photos I will agree a date when you must supply the photos. If I am taking the photos I will arrange an appointment in good time. Please note that failure to supply photos as agreed may lead to forfeiting your deposit.

If I need to take photographs of the subject to work from I take £50 - £150 up front. The amount is at my discretion according to location and time involved. This charge will be part of the total cost of the finished piece of art. The photography part is a none refundable part of the process towards the final piece of art where I include travel, time and expertise in acquiring what I need. You are not required to go ahead with the commission after this stage.

Q. I’m not a very good photographer, what should I do?
I can take the photographs for you, in fact I prefer to. But you get the final say on which photos we use. I will quote a price for this service when you commission a picture.

Q. Can you frame the picture for me?
Yes, this is something you can decide at the start or go away and think what frame design would best suit your taste. If you don’t want the picture framing then let me know at some point before I am ready to finish the picture. Framing is not included in the price unless specifically agreed.

Q. Can you do other subjects?
A. Yes, I am always looking for exciting new ideas! If you would like a picture of anything you don’t see here let me know, I might be able to offer a special rate for new ideas.

What should I do if I want to commission a picture?
A. Speak to me in person or contact me by e-mail or phone to discuss your requirements. I have order forms available but these are two way agreements and we need to ensure that your individual needs
are met.

How much is a portrait?
A. It depends upon the size and complexity of the picture (see above). A price has to be agreed after we have discussed your requirements. The price list at the top of the page is a starting point for each type
of picture.

How do I pay?
A. Cash or
Mark Langley   39957051   608371
I accept payment by card machine upon collection of work or out at shows.
Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?
A. At the point of booking my services to produce the piece of art I like to take a 30% deposit. Once you have paid your deposit I will book you a slot in my diary. The date may change if there is a hold up in relevant source material or a change of mind when due to start work. The balance does not need to be paid until completion.

Please remember I take an amount for photography if my services are needed  rather than using your supplied photographs. This amount is part of the total work involved in producing a commission.

Q. What is a Giclée print?
A. A Wikipedia explanation of Giclée is best to explain! Please be aware I now include Artist's Proof (A/P), in my prints for sale. If you see e.g. A/P1 instead of e.g. 21/195 you are looking at the early test prints that are worth more to collectors. I have been very impressed by the quality, Giclée is definitely as good as older printing press process. I don't always sell the right sizes at art fairs for clients so please enquire!

Q. How do I get in touch with you?
A. Preferably by email to my Belper studio:

To contact me please email: mark@mark-langley.com
alternatively my telephone numbers are: 07849 657898

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